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My name is Sergey Anchutin, I am the CEO of Doubletapp. In this article I will talk about the start of Doubletapp.

I was born and raised in Kurgan, participated in different mathematical Olympiads. In 2009 I entered the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Ural Federal University…


In January 2021, Telegram announced the iOS Animation Contest 2021. The participant had to create animations in Telegram for iOS using the provided layouts. They had to optimize them on older devices and develop an editor with which to customize their functionality. Junior iOS developer Aleksey Muraveinik took part in…

So, your site is ready. You can finally show it to the world and wait for the first users … That not exactly true! Experience shows that before a product launches, everyone is so excited about the release that they miss out on a few important details. …

5 years ago, three graduates of UrFU got the idea to make learning English easier by writing an app for a language school. What came of it — in the story of Sergey Anchutin, CEO and one of the founders of Doubletapp.


My name is Sergey Anchutin, I am the…


This article is the result of my first experience with PDF generation tools. Here we are not even talking about Django, but about printing regulated documents from Python using templating engines. Perhaps my experience will help someone save time and eliminate the need to search for the necessary information on…


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